Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of Aegirine


The beautiful, black blades of Aegirine rise from its host rock like the legendary Sword in the Stone waiting for someone to draw upon its power to make all things right. A Stone of Integrity and Self, Aegirine is a most noble crystal, aligning with one’s truest convictions in life and providing the courage and confidence to follow those convictions. It encourages acceptance of self and others, and to follow the heart.

With its connection to the earth and the natural world, Aegirine activates a strong, protective energy, guarding the aura and physical body, as well as fortifying the Spirit in times of difficulty. It eliminates negative thoughts, energies and attachments, and replaces them with the Light of the positive. It promotes wholeness and healing.

Aegirine is a member of the Pyroxene group, a sodium iron silicate that forms as long, prismatic crystals often terminated by a steep asymmetrical pyramid. It may also form as compact and fibrous disseminated grains. Opaque to translucent, it is dark in color, most often black, though sometimes greenish-black or brownish-black, and is commonly found in alkali-rich volcanic rock. Discovered in Norway, Aegirine is named for the Norse god of the sea, Aegir, and is also known as Acmite, from the Greek word meaning “point.

It is an excellent crystal for doctors, nurses or others who are continually exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments, and shields those in home office and workplace settings when constantly exposed to the electromagnetic fields of computers and electronics.

Aegirine expands the power of other stones in all healing situations by boosting the body’s own ability to self-heal.

Aegirine is a powerful protector of those suffering jealousy, malice, mental influence or psychic attack from others. Use once a week as a wand in the hand you write with to thrust energies away from you in all directions as you state your intent of protection.

Carrying or wearing Aegirine helps force the release of negative attachments that may have taken root in the aura’s protective field weakened by abuse of alcohol or drugs, or by smoking cigarettes (though the effect is more gradual). Working with Aegirine in body layouts or in conjunction with other subtle body healing can, in time, regenerate the damaged auric shield.

Take Aegirine on journeys of self-discovery, whether spiritual or traveling to new destinations. It is a good talisman for backpackers for protection against negative energies and inhospitable places and people


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Off with the Nose..

DSC_0073When I was about 5 or 6 a play house fell on my nose, I sat on the window bit.. nothing was done, no doctors or hospital check up because people thought I was ok..

1st picture taken just after surgery Wed 29, bottom one taken today I my apartment..

I have done this alone, came to Budapest alone, renting an apartment alone and will do sightseeing alone.. a big thing for me esp having to walk around with a cast on my nose..

I went through Linda Briggs who has had surgery herself and will only work with the best surgeons, much better to do it that way instead of just looking and taking that chance.. The surgeon was a lovely man.. You also have pre op test.. blood, chest xray and ECG..

Over the year. my nose was not normal it had a dent and was slightly crooked.. and did not go with the structure of my face.

I was always the same people could not see what I could and did bother me, so I made up my mind to have it done..

I have been working a lot on myself issues having EFT and counscelling and thought, well heal on the inside and have a nice nnew noDSC09007

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Welcome Ronnie

How strange is life.. I joked to my mum about my grandson when he is born.. no chance of a Ronald, that was my dads name and as his was a nasty piece of work, I cant say I liked his name lol.. anyway.. my mother wished Rueban could be in the name, as Ronnie was born on my granddads birthday..

Yes he is called Ronnie, after his granddad Ronnie on my son-inlaw.. but what made my day is Ronnie Reuban Alfred.. I never in my life imagined what happy emotions you can have by having my granddads name in his name.. I cannot even begin to explain that feeling..

So here is Ronnie with his big sister.. Born 3rd Sept 7lb.14 oz and slightly over due.. and after his sister born 8 weeks early, we all thought he would arrive early..


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Play My Guitar

I wanted to try to get a good shot of someone playing a guitar, I had the idea of low light and a bit of a long exposure, which I am quite happy with.

por 2 copy2 por 2 jp por 3

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Home Made Baps, Burgers and Chips.

A treat today, nice home made Baps and burgers.. lovely… not much to say other than the baps were supreme, the burgers lush and well, a chip is a chip lol..

home made baps and burgers home made baps and burgers home made baps and burgers

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A nice bit of Ciabatta

I now seem to have my ciabatta down to a ‘T’ so to speak.. last time I actually had the wholes, but, none the less, this bread for me, is now right, so much so, I can just go and do the recipe without having to read instructions…

It is lovely slightly toasted, the bread seems very light and airy, and added with some nice extra virgin olive oil, tomato and small red onions.. so yummy!

ciabatta - halogen oven ciabatta - halogen oven ciabatta - halogen oven

ciabatta - halogen oven

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Apple Piev- Halogen Oven

At last, I have now made the perfect pastry for my apple pie as well as my flans.

When rolling the pastry out, it feels kind of silky smooth, it rolls very well, compared to how it use to be. Of course I will now use a machine to mix everything, I feel like cheating lol, but, needs must these days.

I used granny smith apples, normally I use Bramleys but could not get any.

The photographs are different colours, first two were RAW files, then 2nd two were jpg.. and too tired today to do a proper edit, lazy I know.. lol..

Apple Pie - Halogen Oven3


Apple Pie - Halogen Oven

Apple Pie - Halogen OvenApple Pie - Halogen Oven

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