Inside The Tulip

Walking around outside with my Panasonic Lumix, not the same without my DSRL, but do-able..

tulip tulip tulip

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Sunset over BangTao Beach

A look back on photos, this one was Xmas time 2010.

Just a nice normal sunset.

sunset, phuket, thailand

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My 8 week challenge and beyond!

My 8 week challenge.

I have decided to do a 8 week challenge,

Challenge 1, to say not while at my mothers of icecream, and chocolate, not easy lol and anything that is not good for me.

Challenge 2, Try and keep a healthy diet while at my mothers, it will be easy at my daughters as she has a very healthy diet, one that has good fats in it, which I am finding out are essential for us.

Challenge 3, get back exercising, and toning, yuk! but I am going to push myself to get there and toned up before my 56 Birthday.

Challenge 4, work on face with yoga and possibly toning machine.

Today was my first day, oats and banana for breakfast, as when at mothers, it is lay back and do nothing time, she is cooking a pie, which I will have extra vegs, cant say not to a pie but will eat sensible, problem is when your mother is in their 80′s they are set in their ways and their menu and she would probably moan if I wanted to do my own cooking!

I re started yoga this morning and done some thigh exercise, which was a bit hard, another two short work outs later which will include another short yoga exercise.

I think after a few days I will be into the swing of things, I have to say how hard it is walking around Sainsbury and drooling for something sweet like Haribo or chocolate, sigh.

My weight is good weight 9 stone any thinner will look awful and even older than I look now due to thin face.

Another hard bit when visiting friends if they eat not so good lol..

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A Different Kind of Protien Drink..

Protein, just out of the freezer

protein drinkprotein drink

I was watching a webinar with Louise Hay in, and there was talk on healthy eating etc, and it was mentioned that we should save vegetables, egg shells, bones, onion skins etc.. I even saved garlic skins lol, put them in the freezer protein drinkwait until you have a large bag and then cook.

It was said, simmer over night, but as my cooker is outside, I would not leave gas on as it would probably blow out, so I cooked for a couple of hours then the next day cooked some more..


Strain in a sieve

protein drinkprotein drink

protein drink  

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My Law of Attraction Dairy..

I think I will start a diary of my law of attraction manifestations.

I have been doing more reading than anything else at the moment, also reading peoples experiences etc and it always gives me a lift and a positive lift at that.

I have noticed some change in me, I don’t sit around like I use to, I will get up and find something to do, from exercise, which I am working on to get fitter and find it hard.. oppss now, what ma I telling myself, note to self, change words.. I must start to think exercise is enjoyable lol.. I am doing more cooking or playing around with things to make and working on my oracle come meditation cards, having been taking more photos, and very pleased with the result.

I am no longer thinking, I am so fed up here! and it has made a change in me, I now think that I am very lucky and grateful that I am seeing my grandchild grow up, and they come in still every day at some point.

Since November 2013, I have also kept up my gratitude dairy, and will find a positive when something negative arises.

For a few weeks I have been looking for flights with a certain airline, and could I find one, no… I kept thinking it will be there for X amount and every time I looked, there was no change and the flight had to be booked very soon, one day this week I thought must check and completely forgot, then someone said to me, have you seen the price of a flight, no, I had forgot, so off I went to skyscanner, and there it was, it was exactly for the price that I was looking for.. so booked!

I realise with Law of Attraction, you just put out to the universe what you what and don’t push yourself to find it, it will find you, I think the more you push on something you can get the reserve effect. So, I am a happy bunny.

The more I read and the more I think out it, if we are out of balance, or we get ill, we do need to look at ourselves and see what is going on, and then release, that is not easy.. I have a bad leg since I sprained my ankle 2.5 years ago, so, somewhere in my life something needs to be addressed and I am positive I will sort this out..

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The Best Home Made Sorbet.. no icecream machine..

This has to be the best sorbet I have made, Pineapple with juice from a small lime.

I made up the recipe myself, I think more fun when you play around..

pineapple sorbetpineapple sorbet

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A Splash of Lime for fun..

I had a go at trying to capture dropping lime into at first was ice cubed water, but it was so hot the ice melted very quick, I need glass ones!

It is not easy and tried on my own but could not press the button and drop in sync.. so I got help and managed to get a few captures, would of preferred to of done better, but none the less I got some half decent ones. I do need my lime to be heavier and a bit bigger.


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