Welcome Ronnie

How strange is life.. I joked to my mum about my grandson when he is born.. no chance of a Ronald, that was my dads name and as his was a nasty piece of work, I cant say I liked his name lol.. anyway.. my mother wished Rueban could be in the name, as Ronnie was born on my granddads birthday..

Yes he is called Ronnie, after his granddad Ronnie on my son-inlaw.. but what made my day is Ronnie Reuban Alfred.. I never in my life imagined what happy emotions you can have by having my granddads name in his name.. I cannot even begin to explain that feeling..

So here is Ronnie with his big sister.. Born 3rd Sept 7lb.14 oz and slightly over due.. and after his sister born 8 weeks early, we all thought he would arrive early..


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Play My Guitar

I wanted to try to get a good shot of someone playing a guitar, I had the idea of low light and a bit of a long exposure, which I am quite happy with.

por 2 copy2 por 2 jp por 3

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Home Made Baps, Burgers and Chips.

A treat today, nice home made Baps and burgers.. lovely… not much to say other than the baps were supreme, the burgers lush and well, a chip is a chip lol..

home made baps and burgers home made baps and burgers home made baps and burgers

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A nice bit of Ciabatta

I now seem to have my ciabatta down to a ‘T’ so to speak.. last time I actually had the wholes, but, none the less, this bread for me, is now right, so much so, I can just go and do the recipe without having to read instructions…

It is lovely slightly toasted, the bread seems very light and airy, and added with some nice extra virgin olive oil, tomato and small red onions.. so yummy!

ciabatta - halogen oven ciabatta - halogen oven ciabatta - halogen oven

ciabatta - halogen oven

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Apple Piev- Halogen Oven

At last, I have now made the perfect pastry for my apple pie as well as my flans.

When rolling the pastry out, it feels kind of silky smooth, it rolls very well, compared to how it use to be. Of course I will now use a machine to mix everything, I feel like cheating lol, but, needs must these days.

I used granny smith apples, normally I use Bramleys but could not get any.

The photographs are different colours, first two were RAW files, then 2nd two were jpg.. and too tired today to do a proper edit, lazy I know.. lol..

Apple Pie - Halogen Oven3


Apple Pie - Halogen Oven

Apple Pie - Halogen OvenApple Pie - Halogen Oven

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Another Tarot..

I think I prefer tarot, as it gives more info that lenormand, but I also do feel they would make a good set to work together…


P1070670 copy


lack of sacrifice, unwilling to make any effort in areas of your life, also suspension in your life, you are hanging there, what way should I go, but although this is in the present it will start to pass out of your life.. it is time to make decsions instead of putting them off, as it is not good hoping things will sort themselves out, you have got to do it. in relationship, it seems you are happy to wait around, and not put much effort into it.. there is a time coming that you need to make a decision with your current relationship. You have been acting in a selfish and an arrogant manner, which is causing more problems, becuase you are only thinking of you..

Immediate influence or crossing

You have tried with areas in your life, but, sadly things have not gone as they should, which has bought frustration, disappointment with the lack of success and progress.. lack of ambition and also doing work that is just not you, does not help with this situation, trying the same work when, it just will not happen, no matter how much you try. a feeling of dissillusiionment seems to be in a few areas of your life right now..

goal or destiny..

there is a part of you that is needing a mother figure.. someone that you can connect with on an emotional level.. one that helps you feel secure.. someone that has solutions to any problems that you are having.. as this is a goal or destiny reading, it seems that there is this real want for this, and every chance of someone of this energy appearing in your life.. a mature lady, also, there is a need for you to bring her energy into you, a need to empathise with others, and show true compassion, but in a way, that you actually understand and not just do the actions… there may be a time when you need to turn inward and explore your emotions, and take control of you, and not blame everyone around you in any situation.

distant past foundation – how you got to where you are now.. what was the causes.. events and influences.. the dreaded tower..

The tower is about turmoil.. trying to understand how you could of been so wrong with your life, but in your life, you have created so much of the tower, but also, there have been sleepless nights, depression, grief, anger, confrontation, but non of what you have done has been of any benefit to you.. work has not been as it should relationship from the beginning was out of balance and was not built on a solid foundation.. you need to look at your life now from the recent events of the last few weeks, and see what is staring at you in the face, the turmoil you have experienced, is your own doing.. and the destruction with it… but once you hit rock bottom the only way is up, it may not be as you want it now, but in time, you life if you learn from it now, you will or should not make the same mistakes as before.. relationships breaking down, because of actions and reactions, which has come from own doing… painful experiences, the tower has fallen now, and at the moment from the past to now, nothing can be rebuilt, emotions running very raw… accepting what is done is done.. and to stop the ego that is also behind everything, basically the tower has bought to you areas in your life that you can no longer live like it..

recent past events – passed or just passing..

Embracing change, but was that change positive or negative, was it worth it.. was the grass greener? you were in a position of strength of what and where happens around you.. and there were opportunities around you, but, these were more of a negative nature with a negative outcome.. dreams of what you want, and how you wanted to get it, was not the right way, you should use your intuition to look for your dreams.. this card also encourages to think in terms of where you want to travel, when I say that, it could be of the mind, life, work etc…

future influence

The influence is more about you, influencing yourself with your own thoughts and perspectives and past and recent events. you have got yourself into thinking there is no way out, even though, you thought there was a way out, it was not the right one, or the right way to do it, so now, as where you stand now, you have got yourself into a pickle so to speak, you cannot see anyway forward even though, the swords around you are not fully enclosing you.. you need to look or at least try and look at things from a different angle and not keep down the same line of being a victim and blaming others, all this does is keep your blinded to not seeing any way out.. what ever decisions you make now are going to affect your future and you need to find a way to release from being blinded and binding in.. too many things in your head also, is blocking you seeing the way forward.. You are not powerless too make changes even thou it seems and feels like you have boxed yourself into a corner.. there is a way out.. make choices and do not harp back to the past and repeat the same things..

the questioner. present position or attitude. lovers reversed

at the moment it seems you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your own actions, you made a decision that was benefit for you, purely on desire and instant gratification, now you are trying to lay the blame on others, this ties in with the above card too.. the blame game.. there may not be a choice to even try to make things better or amends, which means you will have to let go and move on, or if things can be worked out, are you prepared to change your life on many levels. a relationship has quite a bit of imbalance, your connection is not connecting or out of balance and or harmony. Feelings are not mutual. frustrations in love and marriage and untrustworthyness..


environmental factors – influence on other people or others who have an influence on you..

I would say the knight of wands is yourself, act first, think later, impatient, impulsive, rush into things at times without considering others or even thinking of what if, and the consequences or outcome of these actions.. this creates a negative cycle of any long term success.. at times, there can be agressive behaviour..

inner emotions – inner hopes, fears, desires etc..

At the moment, the cards is saying your hands are tied, but this is because of your actions, you yourself have bounded your hands together.. many thoughts in your head, where at the moment you are working yourself up into stress and more stress, anxious, it is very easy for you to get worked up, which then creates situations not to your benefit because of tempers etc.. but, what is needed is to get a balance within you, your inner emotions and start to look at what you are doing, even if there is no way of repair.. and believe things will be ok whatever the outcome or future..

Final result..

#due to events, there will be a time when you will not want to make any commitments or promissies as you will not be able to keep them.. it will become too much.. you will find yourself on edge and also defensive.. things will need to be let to..

problems, obstacles, things to overcome, which will all need a lot of work on..














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Tarot Reading… What was this about?

tarot, tarot cards, morgan greer, tarot readings


The person for the reading is confused at the moment of what is the best option for them, there is the wanting to change something, what is best for them, but at the same time, there is a fear. This card also talks of walking away from a situation that is not working for them and no matter how much they want the situation to change, having been the same for so long, it will not change.. it jurts to walk away, or turn their back, and will feel, stay, go, stay go, inner doubts. a feeling of hopeless and dispare.

Immediate influence or crossing

Conflict of life, relationship, getting different perspectives or advice from others leading to your conflict. This will be about your options after you have taken on board what people have said, as well as your own inner conflict of the situation. You need to be in a positive environment where there is no pressure and you can get your head in the right space..Funny enough, this card is also about struggle with other cultures around you, learning to adjust to the differences, also brings conflict. Once you have gone through what your conflicts are with your life, mainly love life, there is change coming, negative or positive depends on what you want in life, if you can look at what your problems are, and do so with an open mind, you will see life more as a challange to move forward rather than stay where you are now, with so much inner conflict or personal strugge.. do not allow others that are causing you your conflict to wear you down, that in the end, you take on their views and ideas,..

goal or destiny

The general meaning of 10 wands is burdens, carry so much weight on your shoulders, but when reversed it is about you are carrying unnecessary burdens, or holding on to something or even someone that you do not need in your life… there is a lot of worry with a few things, and it is about getting your priorities in order, so you can start to feel some relief in your life and getting back on track. The time will be challenging, but soon, things will start to life and there will be less weight on your shoulders.

distant past foundation – how you got to where you are now.. what was the causes..

There has been lack of harmony around you, breakdown in the home life, tensions, loved ones. You are at the moment going through some transition in your home life, which is also bringing tension to the situation.. this has bought a very instable home life on all levels. little security with money coming in the home, all life not balanced. In regards to relationship, there has been a lack of commitment on all parties.

recent past events – passed or just passing..

Someone around has been avoiding responsibility of their own actions, whom also will lay blame on your and or others. If things are too deep and cannot be mended, there will be a time in the future do the actions of the recent past, where it will be time to let go. There has been inner conflicts, disharmony. there seems to be things breaking down around you, out of balance, out of harmony. Feelings within a relationship are no longer mutual, which has bought disapointments, insecurity etc.

future influence

5 cups three fallen 2 left, all is not lost.. learning from past and recent experiences, ready to pick up the two cups of water which represent emotional growth.. the future gives you an hopeful look, things may or will have to change, but not all is lost, from a negative situation, there can still be a positive outcome or influence on your future.. the card also speaks about getting over hurt and pain, from pain there will be a learning curve and in time, new relationships will come.. truly knowing what it is you want to give you the happiness that you crave, which happiness can only come from within and not other people. No 5 is also about change, you have the choice to change your life or stay is it is.

the questioner. present position or attitude.

Life at the moment seems a lot of all work and no play as well as a lot of stress, lack of support around you, lacking resources money etc. You are also on edge, well, very much on edge.. you need to take care of your health, possible cough/cold coming. you need time away to get your energies back.

environmental factors – influence on other people or others who have an influence on you..

deceit, manipulation, mental confusion are around you… someone around who easily manipulates you, telling you want you want to hear. lots of confusion, at times very impatient. You have many skills and talents but not using them, you are allowing others and situations around you pull you down, instead of getting out there and manifesting what you want. You are easily pulled of track.

inner emotions – inner hopes, fears, desires etc..

This card is about deception and betrayal – the fear of betrayal, the hope that things could be ‘normal’ inner emotions of what you are feeling now, hope is not there, despire is.. trying to work on your fears stay, go, start again, with or without.. especially as an situation is just not working now at all.. a part of you wants to run from commitment, but that is impossible.. aiming for some kind of solution, but whatever the solution you come up with, will still cause hardship within family life.. but can you allow things not to change.. deception will return, the fear of more deception is there.. can you or can you not trust? the fear of being on your own, feeling somewhat isolated? but is that worse than trying to always wonder, will the deceit happen again and again

final results..

A situation that is making you feel empty of emotion, dead inside grieving etc.. it is like you have got to be like this to carry on and put yourself on auto pilot for survival mode.. you want answers, the how, what, why, where and when etc.with this card, it is also saying there is a need for you to be independant in thought, and not allow any emotion into your being at the moment, either negative or posiitve, you need a still head or no emotion, so you can start to make decisions. use fact and logic to make your decisions. The overall of this reading, is what you want and not what others want, and you need to use the strength of the sword to get you through each day as it comes.. the future is now for you to decide, make or break, but also to look over the years that have been, you need to ask yourself, do you want another 3-5-7 years of the same stuff?





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